Raising money to support the rehabilitation of our wounded
Welcome to Words for the Wounded!
Words for the Wounded raises money via writing prizes, events and donation to help wounded servicemen and women. Every penny is important, and every penny we raise goes to where it should, because the organisers, (the three grannies) absorb all expenses.
Our principle fundraising plank continues to be writing prizes and we consider our aim is to encourage aspiring writers as well as raising money. To this end we are now holding an annual LitFest day.
The 2016 Independent Author Book Award is now judged, and a great time was had by all as we read each entry. Do go to the competition results to see ‘who won what’. We had almost sixty entries which was wonderful.
But it's not all over - there is another writing opportunity on the horizon. Tracy Baines, the doyen of womens’ magazine short story writing, and bestselling author Margaret Graham, are holding a Short Story Workshop at the Downley Community Centre, which is fast building a reputation as a centre of the arts. More details here.
The 2017 Independent Author Book Award will be launching again on the
11th November. Don't miss out on the chance to improve the visibility of your book. Someone has to win, remember. More details will be posted here at the end of the summer.
The 2017 Litfest will be held on 25th March at Downley Community Centre, and we are sorting out the details right now.
We do hope that you will continue to support us as you have been doing. As you know the grannies are all volunteers and, we repeat, every penny raised goes to the cause. Also, as you may know, the average age of those with life changing injuries is 25 which means that they have long lives to live and they deserve the best.
We can all help them to achieve their full potential, and lead confident and independent lives and it is the least we can do.
For news, reports from our events, chat and writing tips visit our blog...
  • 2016 COMPETITION RESULTS (click to view)
  • A Short Story writing workshop will be held on 24th September 2016 at the Downley Community Centre, High Wycombe.
    Click here for details.
  • The 2016 LitFest has been put to bed, and was a roaring success - with Elizabeth Buchan, Jemima Hunt, Tracy Baines and Catheringe Balavage as our speakers. We made over £1000 for the wounded.
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The Words for the Wounded 2016 LitFest will be held on the 16th April
at the
Downley Community Centre, School Close, High Wycombe HP13 5TR
10.00am to 5.00pm
  • Sunday Times No 1 bestselling author Elizabeth Buchan
  • Jemima Hunt, editor and literary agent
  • Tracy Baines, successful genre short story writer
  • Catherine Balavage, blogger and editor of Frost Magazine
Cost £35 (which includes lunch with wine, morning coffee and afternoon tea)
For Tickets, send a cheque or postal order to the address below:
(cheques payable to Words for the Wounded)
Words for the Wounded
12 Woodcote Green, Downley, High Wycombe, HP13 5UN
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